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Equity Combo Trading

A Share market is the platform where buying and selling of shares takes place. With the fast economy, everything getting speed due to 3G-4G technology, thus no need to connect physically in exchanges like NSE and BSE. In fact buying and selling of shares can be done from anywhere, where there is a computer with internet connection. One should have a demat and trading account, computer and internet connection and he/she can start sharing trading and investing from anywhere around the earth.

  • Daily 1-2 Cash intraday Calls with Entry, Exit & Target Levels
  • Follow Ups, All Important News & Information
  • Nifty Review, Support & Resistance
  • Complete Supports will be provided via SMS, Call & Chat
  • We assure you 95% accuracy in this package

Advantages of Equity Combo Trading

  • The cash reward given out to shareholders as part of the profit made by the company at the end of each financial year is known as dividend. In Equity Combo Trading dividend are provided. As more as the company earns profit shareholders gets more dividend. The more money one receives, the larger the units of the shareholdings one possesses.
  • The share that were purchase in a lower price & sold at the higher price to earn profit. This kind on profit is known as Capital Gain. Capital Growth plays a major role in Equity Combo Trading. This takes place when there is sudden rise of price of a particular share. Capital Gain is a long term process.
  • In Equity Combo Trading Some of the companies from the different sectors like retail, hospitality, entertainment, financial services offers discount to the shareholders when they buy goods or services from the companies.
  • In Equity Combo Trading product and can be bought and sold quickly over an exchange platform. No need to involve broker. It is relatively low cost as compared to other financial products. Equity Combo Trading also allows traders to sell a part of sell other than redeem the whole lot.
  • Equity Combo Trading is the easiest way of buying stocks to buy shares of companies. Trader can purchase them from with the help of Financial Advisor, Broker or Online. After opening the account trader can buy stocks in minutes.

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Equity Combo Trading Packages

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