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Intraday Trading

Intraday trading refers to the practice of buying and selling financial instruments within a one-day time frame is called day trading or intraday trading. Those traders that participate in day trading are called active traders or day traders. Here stocks are purchased, not with an intention to invest, but for the purpose of earning profits by harnessing the movement of stock indices. The trick is that the traders take advantage of the fluctuations in stock prices. Hence, intraday trade takes into account short term price fluctuations. Here two things go hand in hand. The risk in Intraday Trading is quite high and at the same time the profit is also very fruitful.

  • Client will receive 1 - 2 Calls in a Day
  • Success Ratio will be 98%
  • Calls during Trading Hours only
  • Calls will be provided depend on the market trends.
  • Supports will be provided via SMS, Call & Chat
  • Minimum Return on Investment: 2% to 3% on in intraday
  • Recommendations are based on our expert’s Analysis

Advantages of Intraday Trading

  • Overnight Risk: Overnight Risk is huge factor in stock market. If you are a day trader and have the habit of closing your position within the trading day, you will not have any overnight risk. Hence, traders start the next day without any position & invalidate the risk of Overnight.
  • Profitable: There are many successful day traders all over the world who used the proper day trading strategy to earn huge profit in these trades. To earn huge profit a person have to learn to handle the intraday fluctuations of the market to keep up. There are many people who are investing and earning daily using their Intraday.
  • Daily Income: Intraday can also become daily source of income since most of them earns above the salaried job. They work from home earn on daily base. Intraday trading is for the people who wants to earn on daily and make it a primary job.
  • Tight Stop-Loss Orders: the act of raising a stop price to minimize losses from a long position.
  • Greater leverage: borrowed capital as a funding source when investing to expand the firm's asset base and generate returns on risk capital. Especially for to increase the potential return of an investment.

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Intraday Trading Packages

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